Vaping in Public: Tips, Tricks, and General Advice

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping has not yet become widespread despite its rise in popularity. More and more smokers are transitioning to e-cigarettes for various causes, but the general public is not yet well-informed about their universal use. Some individuals take an interest in trying it, while others are appalled at the idea of vaping. Either way, it is best to understand your limits when you’re out in public spaces to respect the establishments, people, and especially children you may be affecting.

Ask for Permission

As a useful rule of thumb, it is always best to ask an employee or any other authorized person if vaping in a specific area is permitted. Some establishments freely allow their customers to vape, but others do not.

Practice Social Awareness

While some establishments do not oppose the idea of public vaping, you may want to ask the people around you if it’s okay, especially if there are plenty of people surrounding you. It may not be part of the rule, but try to treat it as a common courtesy because others may be susceptible to vapors.

Bring a SmallerVape

In case you are allowed to use a vape, try bringing a small device with you to lessen the potential vapors. This is especially useful for smaller areas to make sure that the vapors won’t get in anyone’s way.

Depending on the specific establishment you’re at, the permissibility of e-cigarettes may vary. Regardless, it is always a better alternative to abide by the rules and be aware of your surroundings if you are allowed to vape in a public space.

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