Why Does My Vape Crackle?

Ensuring that you are using a quality device when vaping is a big must, especially if you are a consistent user. In case you hear a popping or crackling sound from your device, remain calm and first try to troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes, the issue needs greater attention, while some cases simply call for a basic fix that you can perform in a matter of minutes.

That said, here are some of the potential reasons why your vape device is producing a popping sound:

Low Wattage

Some vape devices can produce a crackling sound if the wattage is too low. For a simple fix, just follow the recommended wattage range for your device. You can find this in the manual or on the device itself.

Amount of E-Liquid

As different types of e-liquid vary, always make sure that you are using a compatible option for your device. Thicker liquids can often be the source of the crackling sound, but this is okay as long as the liquid is compatible with your device.

Needs Maintenance

If the crackling noise you hear is unusually loud, this may be a sign for you to clean your device. Alternatively, you can also check the vape coil to see if it needs replacement. The coil can tend to burn, so make sure that it is replaced if you detect that it is the source of the problem.

Keeping your vape device clean and maintained is necessary if you want it to perform well. If you suspect that your device is faulty, do your best to source the issue immediately and repair it before using your device once again.

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