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Premium Vaporizers & Accessories
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VapeDynamics NOX, Next generation pod system vaporizer
Easy-to-use TRUE Oil Vaporizer
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VapeDynamics Cora Essential Oil, Extract and Nicotine Vape Pen
The Cora
Refillable Oil Concentrate Vaporizer
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VapeDynamics NOX all in one easy to fill nicotine salts, oil and extract pod vaporizer.
Ease-To-Use All-In-One Vaporizer 
Three easy-to-fill detachable pod options provide the freedom of vaping your favorite oil concentrates.
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VapeDynamics Hera 2, The Future of Vaporizers
hera 2
The Future of Vaporizers
World's first touch screen, easy-to-use dual function (flower & extract) vaporizer.
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VapeDynamics Cora easy-to-use eliquid and oil vape pen
The ultimate in vapor portability & convenience
V-smart snap-on magnetic refillable cartridges(pods) allow you the freedom to vape your favorite oil concentrates.
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