April 2023

Vaping & Smoking

How Vaping Helps Curb Smoking Habits

With the proposed negative effects of traditional cigarettes in the 21st century, many smokers have since tried quitting or switching to other alternatives. While studies on e-cigarettes are still relatively new, many healthcare professionals have made studies on their benefits to help people quit smoking.
According to the NHS, vaping is recommended as a potent aid in helping people cease smoking. Since e-cigarettes are generally regarded as the safer option, switching to vaping can lessen your potential risks. Specifically, vaping can help you lessen your smoking habits in the following ways:
Introducing Control

CBD Corner

Delta Effex Delta 8 THC Gummies: General Overview and First Thoughts

As CBD has a multitude of benefits for various conditions, it is no wonder why more brands are making it more accessible to consumers. With the continuous increase in brands and flavors, however, you may find it difficult to find the option that will best suit your needs. Lucky for us, Delta 8 now comes in the form of edible gummies. The Delta Effecx Delta 8 THC Gummies are available in the market as an alternative to vaping CBD, and we’re here to give it a review.
General Info
The Delta Effecx Delta 8 THC Gummies include 10 pieces per pack with a Delta THC dosage of 200 mg in 5 different flavors: Strawberry, Green Apple…

Vaping & Smoking

Vaping in Public: Tips, Tricks, and General Advice

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping has not yet become widespread despite its rise in popularity. More and more smokers are transitioning to e-cigarettes for various causes, but the general public is not yet well-informed about their universal use. Some individuals take an interest in trying it, while others are appalled at the idea of vaping. Either way, it is best to understand your limits when you’re out in public spaces to respect the establishments, people, and especially children you may be affecting.
Ask for Permission
As a useful rule of thumb, it is always best to ask an employee or any other authorized person …

CBD Corner

CBD: Important Things To Note

While there are plenty of proposed benefits to vaping CBD, such as alleviating poor sleep conditions, but there are also potential side effects one should take careful note of. Just because CBD works for one individual does not mean it will provide the same effects for you. For those interested in vaping CBD regardless of the reason, it is best to understand how it works to keep yourself well-informed and updated on the subject matter.
What is CBD?
CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural non-psychoactive chemical usually derived from hemp. As of writing, numerous studies have concluded its effectiveness in treating feelings of …

CBD Corner

Vaping CBD For Better Sleep?

These days, getting a good night’s rest can be difficult, especially for those suffering from various sleep disorders. While there are other multiple over-the-counter drugs, you can consult your doctor about regarding poor sleeping conditions, there is also the option to vape CBD to better your sleep. Some people seek out CBD as a safer alternative to sleeping pills, while others weigh in on its proven benefits.
In a study conducted by the Sleep Foundation Organization, results show that about 70 million adults in the U.S. suffer from poor sleeping conditions. As such, various medical research has been made on CBD as a potential …

Best in Vaping

The Best Lost Mary Vape Flavors of 2023

While it is not at all recommended, relying on a specific trusted brand can help ensure that your vape juice is top-quality and reputable. As a plus, removing other options also makes choosing flavors easier.
That said, there are numerous credible brands to choose from in the market these days. For now, however, we will focus on the Lost Mary vape flavors. We’ll take a look at their lineup of options to see which one piques your interest.
Blueberry Ice
With a perfect blend of refreshing menthol and the sweetness of blueberry, this flavor is one of the top options in Lost Mary’s Blueberry lineup.

Vaping & Smoking

Vaping and Smoking: Which is Better?

Modern times have resulted in a popularity-rise of vaping due to its proposed benefits and potential to eventually replace smoking. Some have become interested in vaping for health reasons while others have tried it out to cut their traditional smoking habits. As the two options share a similar audience and market, it is worth noting how they differentiate from one another to understand which will work better for you.
Where Did It Originate?
U.S. consumers were first introduced to traditional cigarettes in the 19th century when pipes and cigars were the common go-tos. Shortly after, cigarettes rose in popularity due to …