Vaping and Smoking: Which is Better?

Modern times have resulted in a popularity-rise of vaping due to its proposed benefits and potential to eventually replace smoking. Some have become interested in vaping for health reasons while others have tried it out to cut their traditional smoking habits. As the two options share a similar audience and market, it is worth noting how they differentiate from one another to understand which will work better for you.

Where Did It Originate?

U.S. consumers were first introduced to traditional cigarettes in the 19th century when pipes and cigars were the common go-tos. Shortly after, cigarettes rose in popularity due to their convenience and cost. As more and more people smoked them, however, their damage to human health became increasingly prominent. Then, this resulted in plenty of medical research regarding the relationship between smoking and lung cancer, which greatly discouraged many individuals from either quitting cigarettes or seeking other healthier options.

Meanwhile, the e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in 2003, who also built on previous discoveries made by other innovators in the past. At this point, the accessibility of tobacco products had already been reduced by the FDA in the U.S., while public reception to traditional smoking was becoming more centered on its negative effects. The potential effects of e-cigarettes are also not to be dismissed, however, as its main concern centers on regulatory issues that are still widely debated to this day.

Which Is More Popular?

These days, numerous individuals still smoke traditional cigarettes, with the CDC recording about 40 million users among adults in the U.S. Multiple organizations, as well as healthcare professionals, continue to advise users to lessen their smoking habits, but the use of traditional cigarettes remains widely prominent today.

Meanwhile, e-cigarettes are seeing a rise in users, especially among the youth. About 3.7% of U.S. adults and 14.1% of high school students used e-cigarettes in 2020.

Which Is The Healthier Option?

Generally, e-cigarettes are commonly thought of as the healthier option in comparison to smoking traditional cigarettes. As the former is relatively new, not much research has been concluded on its overall benefits. Still, however, studies that have been conducted conclude that the aerosols from e-cigarettes are generally cleaner with lesser toxins compared to traditional cigarettes. Some experts also propose that vaping can help people quit smoking and suggest its use to gain the same benefits with lesser risks. As they stand currently, e-cigarettes are generally cheaper, healthier, and safer to use.

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