why does temperature control matter to vaporizers

Most cannabis vape enthusiasts enjoy using devices that give them the most control over cannabis performance, which includes the temperature control (T.C.). While some vape devices come with pre-programed temperature settings such as low-medium-high; some give users the ability to pick a precise temperature from a wide range. Temperature can play a huge role in the vaping experience and here we will discuss why temperature control can matter so much to oil or herb vaporizers.

Enhancing Flavor Profiles: 

Temperature control helps a consistent draw and flavor profile from beginning to end. However, the hits won’t be consistent with a regular vape device because the coil heats differently based on the battery life and draw time. A common understanding is lower temperature settings create more long-lasting and flavorful vapor. 

Getting The Best Potency Out Of Your Cannabis:

On the other side, higher temperature settings create deliciously thick vapor that is more intense and satisfying. While vaping higher viscosity concentrates or dabs, adjust to a higher temperature setting to experience the best potency out of your cannabis. 

Dose Control: 

If you are using cannabis for medical purposes, a temperature controlled device can help you easily adjust your daily dosage. A lower temperature setting means you will get less dosage from each draw;  A higher temperature setting means you will get more dosage. It will be less likely for you to overdose if you can set your temperature on your own. 

temperature control cannabis vaporizer

Health Benefits: 

There are recommended vaporizing temperature ranges for dabs, herb, and concentrates. (Click Here To Learn More About Best Temperature Setting For Each Cannabis Forms). Vaping outside of a recommended range can lead to cannabis combustion and health-related consequences. It is always helpful to understand the best temperature range with a temperature control device to fulfill your ideal temperature settings. 


Avoiding Dry Hits

Probably many of us have experienced dry hits while vaping concentrates or herbs - it is simply because the device doesn’t understand how much was left in the atomizer and burns the coil when it runs with super high temperature. With temperature control, the device will be featured with an overheat protection program. Once the coil runs dry, and the coil temperature goes up to certain degree the protection will immediately cut power to avoid the dry hits. 

Extending Battery Life: 

Instead of unlimited output current, the temperature control helps the device only reach a certain temperature. We found out the temperature control mode can save a minimum 1.5 times more battery life. 

Saving Money!!

As mentioned earlier, temperature control can protect the atomizers from being dry burned. With temperature control, the atomizer is capable of vaporizing the last drop/ dose of the cannabis oil and herbs without burning the heating elements. You will save at least 40% of the expenses from getting new atomizers because of the unnecessary dry burn hassles!