What Makes A Good Wax Pen Charger - Key Factors To Take Into Consideration

Wax pens come with rechargeable batteries these days and this is an added advantage. It will keep ongoing wax pen usage costs low as opposed to having a device that uses disposable batteries. When your wax pen comes with a rechargeable battery, it will then require a battery charger to keep your device going. All the wax pens today are packaged with a charger that is compatible with the device. However, these compatible chargers could become faulty and may stop functioning. In such instances, you will be forced to buy a replacement charger that is compatible with your device. Here are a few tips for such occasions so that you know clearly, what are the key factors that are to be taken into account while selecting your device. 

Can you use your phone charger?

There is no straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. A number of factors come into play. If you do not take into account all those factors, you could easily be ruining your vape pens. First of all, not mobile phone chargers are made equal the power ratings of each one of them vary. Some of them may be suitable for charging your wax pen whilst others may not be. Do not plug in random chargers to your device if you want to avert the risk of damaging the battery and the other device circuitry. You need to be twice cautious before you use any of your phone chargers. The best practice, however, is to have a dedicated charger that is meant for your wax pen. 

Types Of Wax Pen Chargers

All the latest wax pens come with great flexibility in taking multiple charging devices. However, you need to use your discretion before you used any of the charging sources. Some of the most common charging options include:

  • Wall chargers
  • Car chargers
  • USB devices such as laptops, power banks, and even gaming consoles

Before selecting any of these charging devices, you should check your device manual to fully understand the permitted charging devices. It is safe to keep to the book as it were when it comes to selecting the right chargers for your device. 

How Does The Charger Fit To The Device?

One of the factors that will determine the compatibility of the charger with the device is how your charger fits the device. Some of the devices come with a screw-type charger while others will have a micro-USB port like the one you have with most of the latest mobile phones today. Some of the devices will have their own patented fitting. Before you go online to buy your charger, you should first check your device so understand how the charger is plugged to the device. Even if you have been using your device for a considerable period of time, it is best to check this factor before placing your order to save yourself for unnecessary returns and exchanges, which are likely to cost you more money on return shipping charges.

Charger Cable Length

This is yet another key factor to be taken into account when you are buying your wax pen charger. Some of the chargers come with a very short cable. This could prove to be highly inconveniencing, especially if you are going for a wall charger. Take time to read the product specifications so that you understand clearly, what you are likely to get for the money you pay. Do not decide just looking at the product image in the online product gallery. The images posted may not be the actual representations of the device, and this could lead to unnecessary headaches down the line. It is recommended that you go for a charger with a long cable for added ease of use and flexibility during use. 

Chargers With Indicator Lights

It is useful to go for wax pen chargers with indicator lights. Often we cannot determine whether the charger is functioning or not and whether the device is charging or not if your wax pen does not have an indicator. It is, therefore, best to look for a wax pen charger that comes with its own built-in indicator. This might look like a trivial factor, but when using your device you will know how useful this little feature is. 

Chargers That Do Not Get Heated 

One of the common issues faced with most wall chargers is that the charger itself gets heated up. However, not all chargers have this issue and it simply means you need to make more careful choices to ensure that you do not end up with a charger that gets heated excessively or abnormally. Such chargers will damage the charging cables and eventually your device battery too. How to know whether a charger heats up or not even before buying? The easiest way to find out whether a wax pen charger heats up or not is by reading the reviews posted by customers who have already purchased. 

Compact Chargers

Wax pen chargers come in various sizes. Ideally, look for a compact charger because you do not want to carry around a bulky charger when you are traveling. There are some really sleek designs in the market. You just need to know where to look for them and be patient enough to find such chargers. If you are trying to make hasty choices, then you could some of the most compact chargers available in the market today. 

Cost Of The Chargers

From the above discussion, it is evident that not all wax pen chargers are made equal. Many factors have to be taken into account, and these very same factors will decide the cost of the charger. In addition, when you go online each store will have a different price for the same charger; you should, therefore, make it a point to compare the prices so that you could find the most competitively priced chargers. The goal here is not to look for the cheapest wax pen chargers, but to pay the right price for the charger you choose to buy.