Vaporizer Maintenance 101

Do you love vaping and do you carry your vaporizer wherever you go? If yes, then it is also very likely that you would have spent a lot of time reviewing multiple vape pens, read reviews about them before picking your favorite vaping device. The question is whether you are getting the best vaping experience from a vape pen that you so carefully chose? Like most people, you have probably not stopped for a moment to ask whether your vaporizer is giving you the same level of gratification that it used to give when you purchased it. Yes, like every other device vape pens can also dwindle in their performance. If you want to continue enjoying the same level of gratification while vaping, then you need to ensure that your vaping pen is maintained at an optimal condition. Here are a few important basics with regard to your vaporizer maintenance regardless of the type of vaporizer you own.

Read The Vape Pen Manual

Most people who are into vaping for quite some time do not take the time to read their device manual that is supplied with their device. They go ahead and start using the device as most of the devices are user-friendly and they are very intuitively designed. The disadvantage of this approach is that you fail to see some of the device-specific instructions given by the brand. Even though in principle all the devices work pretty much the same way, there will, of course, be certain model-specific differences. You cannot do guesswork here and you are not likely to know about these differences without reading the device manually. So the first step in vaporizer maintenance is to understand your device, its operations, features, options and vaporizer care instructions by taking a few minutes to read your device manual completely. This also includes understanding the different parts of your vape pen. This might sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to learn how many people simply ignore this basic point.

Set A Regular Maintenance Schedule

Vape pens are very simple devices and you will find the following parts regardless of the model you use – they will have a mouthpiece, the coil or filament for heating, the vape material chamber or the cartridge and the battery. Among these components, the following two parts require your regular attention. 

  1. The mouthpiece and
  2. The heating coil or filament

When you set a regular maintenance schedule, you need to focus on the above two components and check their condition. After you vape each time a certain amount of vape material residue will be left in the mouthpiece. Clean the mouthpiece preferably after each use but in most cases, it may not be possible. You should try to clean the mouthpiece at least twice a week. When you are cleaning the mouthpiece, avoid using any harsh cleaning agents. In most cases, the residual deposit could be removed by using a damp cloth damped, preferably with warm water. Do not drench the cloth or the cotton ball that you use with too much water as it could seep into the device and cause other unnecessary damages. Wet the cleaning cloth or cotton ball and squeeze it well before using them on the mouthpiece. It is also best to avoid other cleaning agents with an alcohol base. Cleaning the mouthpiece is not going to be all that challenging when compared to the heating chamber. 

The next area that you should focus on is your heating chamber and the heating coil. This is likely to pose a bit of a challenge but you need to be extra cautious. Handle things gently and do not use all your might on the coil under the pretext of cleaning. It is best to have a spare set of coils handy if in case you should damage the coil while cleaning. By cleaning the coil regularly you will make things easier for yourself. If you have been ignoring the coil cleaning for quite some time, then you will need to use gentle cleaning agents because the coil could be shrouded with heavy sediments. Allowing the coil to be soaked in vinegar or ethanol will help in loosening up the deposits. Do not exert force at any point of time while cleaning the coil. 

After soaking the coil in vinegar or ethanol for some time to loosen up the deposits, wash it with water. Take extra care to dry the coil completely before you install it back to the device. Patience is of the essence here and does not try to rush up things. You can dry the coil in the sun or you can use your hairdryer to blow hot air to dry the coil. Always detach the coil compartment from the main device before you do any of the things mentioned above or else you will damage the device circuit. 

When you have a regular maintenance schedule and if you follow that schedule correctly, you will face lesser hassles while cleaning the coil. So it is for your own good, you should exercise a certain amount of discipline with vaporizer maintenance. 

Regular Maintenance Prolongs Device Life

When you clean your device regularly and keep the device in its optimal condition, you will not only be able to have the best vaping experience all through the life of the vaporizer but you will also be able to prolong the device life. Many of us get used to our vape pens and do not like to so easily change them. If you maintain your device well, there will be very little need for you to change them. The assumption here is that you have made sure to buy the best vaporizer available in the market when you purchase it. If the device you own is not of good quality, then no amount of maintenance efforts is going to make any difference. If you are buying a new vaporizer, make sure to keep this key factor in mind and pick a top-notch device.