One of the frequent claims that we hear from various quarters of the vaping community is – ‘Vaping will help you quit smoking”. How true is this? Is this a valid statement? Can anyone really make such a claim? It is important that you take a closer look at what such a claim could really deliver and whether one should buy into this claim. There are diverse views regarding the validity of this statement. Let us explore further so that we could make a well-informed stand. 

What is the FDA’s Stand?

Here are certain excerpts that we found in our research from the websites managed by the government. 

“E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a quit smoking aid. So far, the research shows there is limited evidence that e-cigarettes are effective for helping smokers quit.”

Initially, when the e-cigarettes were introduced one of the most common marketing statements made by most of the brands that came into the industry used to revolve around our topic. Many brands claimed that Vaping or E-cigarettes would help the users to quit smoking. Or promoted their e-cigarettes as a quit smoking aid. Many brands in fact believed that e-cigarettes could be used as an aid to quit smoking. Regardless of the claims of the vaping or e-cigarette brands, FDA does not approve vaping as an aid to quit smoking. 

However, we may need to look at the other inferences too, before we could take a definitive stand. Here are other related statements of which we may need to take cognizance. 

While e-cigarettes may be less harmful than regular cigarettes, this does not mean that they are harmless.”-

If you are an adult who uses e-cigarettes instead of cigarette smoking, do not return to smoking cigarettes.”-

From these statements, we could infer that the FDA does approve the fact that Vaping is less harmful. 

How Does Vaping Contribute In Someone’s efforts To Quit Smoking?

From what has been presented above, there is no scientific evidence that vaping will help someone to quit smoking. However, it is also evident at the same time that vaping has nothing to contribute to someone’s efforts to quit smoking. 

First of all, we should understand that if someone is finding it unable to quit smoking, then it is very likely that they have moved on from being a casual smoker to a serious smoker whereby their body is by now developed dependency. In such situations, even if someone wants to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is not possible for them because their biology takes over their will power. Their body demands a nicotine fix and without which it is not possible for someone in this stage to operate normally. Moreover, the dosage the body demands to get the required fix also increases day by day making things worse. 

Let us assume when such a person is trying to go through the rehabilitation process and trying to quit smoking, he or she is not supposed to stop suddenly and medically they are recommended to reduce their smoking habit gradually. Quitting smoking overnight is more dangerous than smoking once a person reaches the stage of dependency. 

In the recovery cycle, vaping could be used as a less harmful alternative. 

Why Is Vaping A Less Harmful Alternative To Smoking?

Before answering this question why is vaping less harmful we need to first understand a little more about the tobacco cigarettes. When you use regular tobacco cigarettes, you are lighting the processed tobacco which is in its dry form. When you inhale, you are not just inhaling the nicotine that gives you the fix for which you are smoking. Researches indicated that several thousand components are inhaled along with tobacco. All these thousands of other components that get into your system are not responsible for the nicotine fix. In other words, they are totally unnecessary. Not only that, these unnecessary elements cause serious damage to your lungs and to your body. Moreover, when you inhale the tobacco cigarettes, you are taking in more nicotine than you need to get the actual fix. 

All these issues are addressed effectively with vaping. To start with, when you vape you are using vape juice which contains just the nicotine and very few other components that serve as a medium. You are not consuming a large number of harmful substances. A measured quantity of nicotine is released every time you inhale. 

Even though vaping is completely harmless, it is evident that it is less harmful. This is found to be helpful for someone who is trying to quit smoking and on their road to recovery. It is less taxing for the lungs when compared to real tobacco cigarettes. We are not making any medical claims here but just presenting the facts based on the research that is already made. Anyone could easily cross-check all the information and establish the veracity of the information presented here. 

To conclude, vaping may not be an aid to quit smoking. At the same time, vaping could certainly play a significant role in helping someone who is trying to quit smoking. You do not have to blindly buy the statements that claim that smoking will help you quit smoking. You are now in a better position to take your own stand on this topic. 

If you are one of those persons looking for help in quitting smoking and thinking of switching to vaping, then hold on to vaping until you quit without switching back to tobacco cigarettes. In case, you are helping one of your family members or friends to quit smoking, make sure they understand how switching to vaping could help in their journey towards gaining freedom from smoking habits. Also, make sure that you choose vape pens from trusted brands. It is also equally important that you pick vaping juice brands that are approved by the FDA. Avoid selecting your vape juices and vape juice brands randomly without paying attention to these basics.