Top 5 Vape-cation Destinations

Planning a trip? If you are, consider this list of amazing vape-friendly places to visit for your next getaway.

1.     New York, USA

The Big Apple has it all: food, shopping, skyline views and entertainment galore. We chose New York because it is the city that never sleeps. Want a big city experience? Take a stroll through Times Square at 2AM and get a slice of pizza as big as your head. The best part is that most bars and restaurants are vape-friendly. Looking to see a show?  Just around the corner from Times Square is Broadway, the beating heart of the American theater. Want a more relaxed experience? How about a stroll through Central Park where you can find a nice bench, puff your Cora or Laguna and people-watch. Is shopping your thing? If so, you must visit 5th Avenue, even if it is just to window whop at Barney’s and Saks. There is so much to do in New York it is impossible to fit it all into this short post.  If you do visit, plan on late spring/ early summer for the best weather.

2.     Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Tokyo is like traveling to the future. The city is a vision of tomorrow and the people are some of the most friendly on the planet.  Do you like fresh sushi?  You can’t go wrong since the cuisine is native to the island nation of Japan. Use your vaporizer to enhance your appetite and dig into a bowl of ramen if raw fish isn’t your thing. Visit in the spring if you want to see the spectacular cherry blossoms. If you want to explore more of the island, hop on the bullet train and experience life outside of the city for a spell before retiring back to your cozy accommodations.

3.     São Paulo, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is often the destination of choice for people traveling to Brazil, but São Paulo is not to be missed. The massive city is the most populous in the Southern Hemisphere. This means it is an incredibly diverse place, perfect for meeting new people from all different cultures. Don’t forget to bring shades and your VapeDynamics vaporizer. They will help you enjoy a stroll along Avenida Paulista, home to the São Paulo Museum of Art or the annual São Paulo Gay Pride Parade every spring.  Remember, their summer is during our winter (and vice versa) if you are coming from anywhere north of the equator.

4.     Ibiza, Spain

This small island in the Mediterranean is the destination for the ultimate club experience (just ask Mike Posner). Dance the night away to amazing DJs while blowing clouds of your favorite vapor. Be sure to see which world famous music act will be touring the sunny island’s main party centers of Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. June through early October is the party season. If you’re looking for something more chill, relax on a beach and inhale your vapor of choice while the sand tickles your toes. If you want a more cultural vacation, check out the many historical heritage sites around the island.

5.     Port Antonio, Jamaica

Montego Bay and Negril tend to be the more touristy destinations on the island of Jamaica. However, Port Antonio is tucked away on the northeastern coast of the island, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. It offers pristine beaches, lush countryside and a peak into the island’s past with older architecture and ruins from a bygone era. Like coffee? If so, take a nice big vape and enjoy some of the world’s finest coffee grown in the misty Blue Mountains. If you want a relaxing, sunny vacation with good food and reggae music, Port Antonio fits the bill. Be sure to bring your Laguna to sample some of Jamaica’s best dry herb since it is now legal to possess up to two ounces. There are several fine accommodations to choose from as well as public and private beaches worth visiting for a sunset or two.

Wherever you decide to take your Vape-cation, pack your VapeDynamics vaporizer to enhance the trip. Let’s fly!