How VapeDynamics Makes Its Pens

Every vape pen company has its own designs and its own process to create their product. Some are relatively lowbrow, offering up minor tweaks on white label products that are already on the market. VapeDynamics takes a more hands-on approach to create vape pen designs. 

The VapeDynamics Philosophy

VapeDynamics isn’t setting out to create another average vape pen. We’re committed to creating vape gear that goes above and beyond anything that’s currently on the market. For us, that means our process starts with a solid philosophy. 

Our company believes that you can’t create a top-quality product without careful consideration of each aspect of the pen’s design. Our philosophy is one that places an emphasis on state-of-the-art technology combined with excellent workmanship. 

The Research And Design Phase

Whether it is our Cora Pro, our Nox pen, or any other vape pen we’ve designed, the first step of our process is research. We spend time learning about the wants of vapers, the current models out there, and technology that could be used to improve them. 

To maximize the vaping experience, our team also keeps up to date with research involving temperature control, vapor control, as well as battery life extension. Every bit of research that we can find, we use to create a stronger, better design. 

Creating Prototypes

Once our engineers come up with a new vape pen concept, we research materials and create a prototype. These prototypes help our team get a better idea of how users will actually feel like, and also act as a testing method for users.

In the past, some of our prototype concepts have been so advanced, we actually had to get it patented. This is just more proof of how unique our concepts are--and that’s all by design, too!

Testing And Retesting

The vape pens you see on our store are not the initial models that VapeDynamics creates. After all, perfection doesn’t happen on the first try. To ensure that our pens are made to the highest possible standard and deliver the best experience possible, we run them through a wide range of tests. 

Any potential problems are fixed, and a final design is made. From there, we start bringing it out to consumers. Our testing is so rigorous, it’s the main reason why our company gained a reputation for standing behind our pens.