Cannabis Quality - What To Look For?

When you are vaping cannabis, the quality of your overall vaping experience will depend on two key factors – the quality of your vaporizer and the quality of the cannabis that you are using. Only when you make sure that these two areas are taken care of well, you will be able to relish vaping or else you could easily end up with mediocre experience. We have already made a number of posts on selecting the right vape pens, let us focus on how to find the best quality cannabis and what to look or when you are buying your cannabis for vaping. 

In What Forms Cannabis Is Sold?

When you are searching for cannabis online, you are likely to come across cannabis in various forms. In general, for recreational use, the flower of the cannabis plant is used. However, you will also find extracts made from the leaves and the stem of the cannabis plant. The cannabis flowers and leaves have to be harvested and processed correctly to get the right flavor. The processed cannabis flowers or buds are available in the following forms 

-       dried form as clumps

-       powered form

-       resin form called hashish made from cannabis extract

-       sprays

-       tea

-       juice

-       tinctures

-       oils

-       shatter which is a hardened translucent concentrate and 

-       wax


As you could easily guess, not all forms listed above are suitable for use in your vaporizer. There are different types of vaporizers – vape pens that use only vape oil or e-juice, vape pens that use only dry herbs and dual function vapes that use both vape oil and dry herbs. When you are selecting your cannabis you need to keep in mind your vaping preference. Some people like to use e juice or vape liquid while others prefer to use dry herbs. There are yet others who like both. If you have purchased a vape pen without taking all these factors into account, then you are stuck with just whatever type of vaping substance your vape pen uses. 

Key Factors To Look For When Selecting Your Cannabis

You should know that establishing the quality of cannabis is not limited to just a few factors that we discuss here. It is a complex process that could not be surmised by a simple formula, but it comes with experience. Whatever we are discussing here is only to give you a cursory understanding of what to look for so that you are not totally clueless when it comes to selecting the best quality cannabis. Besides that, there are also personal preferences that help one decide what is good for them. 

  • When you are buying dry herbs, make sure that your cannabis does not have seeds. The seeds emit a very harsh flavor that could ruin the overall flavor of the cannabis you are smoking. Moreover, the seeds count to the total weight of the cannabis that you are buying and you do not want to waste your money on cannabis that contains seeds. Do not think that you could separate the seeds from the flowers or the shredded leaves, it is not as easy as you think and you will regret your choice.
  • Stay away from buds that are totally brown. It is always good to go with buds that come with a tinge of green. Many a time when people are new to buying herbs tend to think the brown color is an indication of well-dried and well-processed cannabis and they go for it. However, the contrary is true. 
  • Find cannabis with sticky, cloudy crystals. This for sure is a great indication of the best quality cannabis. 
  • You do not want to settle for cannabis that smells like hay. Good quality cannabis will have a distinguishable smell that is a little close to the smell of diesel. Do not worry, terpene which is one of the active ingredients of cannabis is what contributes to this smell. There are so many strains of cannabis and depending on the strain the smell will vary. The rule of thumb is to avoid cannabis that smells like hay but go with something that has a distinctive smell. Over a period of time, you will be able to even identify the strain based on the smell. This, however, takes time and experience.

Ordering Cannabis Online

If you are ordering cannabis online, as it happens in 90% of the cases, you are likely to wonder how you are to check the above factors to establish that the quality of cannabis you are ordering is good. When you are ordering cannabis online, you could only cross-check and establish whether or not the cannabis delivered to you is of good quality. Based on your experience, you could decide whether or not you could continue ordering from the same store or change your cannabis supplier online. 

If you do not want to get your fingers burnt, what you could do alternatively is to check the reviews of the cannabis store online. There are many reliable suppliers that take great pride in bringing to customers an exhaustive range of cannabis strains and in featuring the finest quality cannabis. You need to identify such suppliers who are there in the industry not merely because they want to make money but because they are cannabis enthusiasts. Do not think that it is not possible to find such cannabis suppliers online, there are of course many such stores and you just need to patiently screen them to spot them. One of the shortcuts to spot them is to invest some time to check the ratings and reviews about the suppliers. Do not consider that it is a waste of time to go through all these details. Only initially you will have to spend so much time, but once you have identified the best cannabis store, you know where to go the next time without having to go through a long and tedious screening process. 

To conclude, do not rush to order from some random cannabis store if you do not want to regret your choice. You could just be few clicks away from the most exceptional quality cannabis, get started with your search now.