The Best Pod System of 2020

With the announcement that made flavored Juul pods and standard flavored vape pods illegal, the vaping world has been turned on its ear. Flavored pods made a huge portion of vaping sales throughout the United States, and now, they’re gone. Poof. Vanished. 

Lately, pod enthusiasts have started to try to find new loopholes to enjoy the fruity flavors they adore without having to deal with bans. Since flavored pods are illegal, the easier workaround is to have a system that lets you fill pods with still-legal vape flavors. This has led to a number of excellent systems to choose from. 

Although there are plenty of great pod systems hitting the market in 2020, only one can really be called the best pod system available. We at VapeDynamics are proud to say that our Cora Vaporizer is regularly cited as of the best system money can buy. 

The Cora Vaporizer: A Walkthrough

At first glance, the Cora Vaporizer makes a serious statement. It’s not just sleek, it makes a fashion statement with its brushed metal appearance and discreet build. However, it’s not just another pretty vape; it’s designed to be as intuitive as possible to use. 

In most ways, Cora is a vape that acts very similar to a Juul with a slightly more satisfying pull. It has a similar charging system and an overall easy-to-understand setup. What sets it apart from the rest is its refillable cartridges, which give you the freedom to experience your favorite flavors as you see fit. 

Along with an easy interface, Cora offers a spectacular level of durability, a long battery life, as well as one of the most realistic inhales that money can buy. Since it works with all typical vape juices, Cora keeps things convenient and affordable for a typical vaper. 

Cora: Convenience And Environmentalism

Because users fill Cora’s cartridges with vape juice on their own, Cora offers a convenient way to enjoy the vape pod experience without having to stick to “traditional” flavors that were excepted by the ban. As long as you have a vape juice shop nearby, you’ll be able to keep your flavor up. 

However, Cora’s design does more than offer easy refills on the go. Because the pods for Cora are refillable, they also reduce waste. Regular vape pods aren’t reusable, which means that they quickly end up in landfills. By reusing waste, you help keep the world just a little greener.

Affordability Without Cutting Corners

In the vaping world, you often get what you pay for. This is why the top herbal vaporizers cost hundreds of dollars. Unbranded vape pods have been known to carry toxic compounds, which is what led to the vape pod ban. 

Seeing a vape pod system that combines value and quality is rare---extremely rare. We at VapeDynamics wanted to offer a system that was affordable without forcing vape enthusiasts to sacrifice quality. Cora is what they came up with, and its rave reviews prove its a mission accomplished. 

At only $39.99 for a starter kit, Cora currently has a similar price tag to Juul while offering more freedom to enjoy your vape than ever before. No other kit has a price tag that lows without cutting corners. That alone makes Cora a singularly spectacular value, regardless of your budget.