Unfortunately due to the PACT Act, we have to temporarily close down our online store.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

The U.S. Bill Banning Vape Mail is a ban on all shipments of vaping products. And, unfortunately the largest mail carriers including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL are all participating.

USPS: Banning all vapor products on or around April 27. Exact date not yet entirely clear. 

UPS: Banned all vaping products on April 5.

FedEx: Stopped shipping all vapor products on March 1.

DHL: Already banned the shipment of all vapor products.

PAYPAL: PayPal Has Banned All Vape Payments

Besides paying higher prices for vapor products to offset compliance and taxes, without effective and affordable delivery options, PACT Act compliance is the biggest absurdity, you know better

For more information on the PACT Act, here are several articles.

Congress amends PACT ACT to apply to all vaping products placing huge burden on small business

Amended PACT Act Could Disrupt Cannabis and CBD Vape Industry

How the PACT Act Will Affect the Cannabis Vape Industry

How Will the PACT Act Affect the Cannabis Industry?

VapeDynamics USB Wall Charger

Reliable Micro USB Pen Charger for Your Vape Pens

Sorry for inconvenience, due to new government regulation, our store is temporarily closed.
We will have more info soon :)

If you’d like to help we ask that you either click on this link to vote or write to [email protected] with the subject line: E-Cigarette Restrictions and ask that they rewrite the definition of ENDS to not include personal vaporizers designed for use with non-tobacco herbs or concentrates of non-tobacco herbs that do not contain nicotine, such as hemp and aromatics.

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Best Pen Charger Options - Charge Your Vaporizers On The Go

VapeDynamics offers you the best range of pen charger options for you to consider. You can connect the wall charger adapter directly to the power lines and have your vape pen charged in a jiffy.

You will also be able to get your vaporizers charged on the go. You can charge your vape pens with your laptops or mobile phone power banks using the USB cable that comes with the charger. 

For additional queries regarding the charging options, you can write to us at [email protected].

Pen Chargers Built To Last For Life

When you go with our wax pen charger, you will never again have to worry about replacing your vape pen chargers. All our pen chargers are made to last for life so that you get the best value for your money. 

Latest Vape Pen Charger Technology

VapeDynamics makes use of the latest technology to ensure fast and safe charging of your vaporizers. We continually upgrade our devices so that you gain access to the up-to-date technology available in the industry.  

Fast Processing And Prompt Delivery Of Orders

Order your pen charger now and get have them delivered at your doorsteps in just days. All the orders are processed immediately and delivered fast using our dependable delivery network. There cannot be a faster and easier way to order the finest quality vape pen charger.

VapeDynamics also features a complete range of vaporizer accessories[https://www.vapedynamics.com/accessories.html] so that you could have all your needs met in one place. 

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