NOX Refillable TRUE Oil Pod V4 (Set of 2)

VapeDynamics NOX Refillable 1.0ml capacity TRUE detachable magnetic oil (thick - high viscosity) pod set (Set of 2). 

It is designed to give a smooth, flavorful and consistent draw with it’s next generation ceramic heating technology.

Patented technology and unyielding attention to detail shows that our commitment to perfection in high viscosity (thick) oil vaping is not just a statement. It is a promise so you can vape in peace, forever.

VapeDynamics NOX, Next Generation Pod System
NOX Refillable Distillate THC Oil Pod
Atomizer Resistance : 1.5  Ω
Maximum Viscosity : 120,000 cPs
Mouthpiece : Polyethylene Terephthalate-glycol (FDA approved, Food Grade)
Wick : Ceramic
Structure : Top fill
Volume : 1.0 ml
Heating element : Nichrome
Housing : Polyethylene Terephthalate-glycol (FDA approved, Food Grade)
How to fill nox refillable distillate thc oil pod
HOW TO FILL The NOX Refillable Oil Pods?
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Color Black
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    TruOil carts



    I have been using the pods at VapeDynamics for several years, both with the Cora I and the NOX I, & they were always consistently excellent. And I have been anxiously anticipating the NOX II which thankfully I just rcvd in time for Christmas. The unit is phenomenal, but this a review for the TruOil pods. Let me tell u, the guys at VD are geniuses. These pods are ideal for the enhanced NOX II, have a smooth flow, & the taste is noticeably distinct, in terms of the amazing flavor profile that comes thru every time. The price point is a good value and well worth it. While I have used many types of vape carts over the years, & have found VapeDynamics to be noticeably superior, the TruOil pods are now unquestionably the best on the market, regardless of price.
    Sincerely, Carter Price - Delray Beach, FL
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