If you talk to people who have a vast vaping experience, one of the key areas that they would emphasize when using the vape pen is the importance of getting the right temperature for your vapes. Lately, most of the modern day vapes come with multiple temperature settings as opposed to the olden day single temperature setting vapes. When you are buying your new vape pen, it is important that you look for a model that comes with multiple temperature settings. Let us explore the key reasons why you should make it a point to buy vapes with multiple temperature settings.

Hitting The Right Temperature

Your vape comes with a built-in heating element which heats the vape juice which is converted into vapor and delivered to the mouthpiece when you inhale. If your vape does not hit the right temperature, then it could affect the entire vaping experience. If the temperature reached by the vape pen is lower than the required optimum temperature, then the entire essence of the vape juice will not be extracted. This will release weak vapor, something that does not give you the required sense of gratification. Despite using the best quality vape oil you may fail to have the expected level of satisfaction and you would end up blaming or finding fault with the vape juice whilst the actual issue is with the vape pen, which fails to hit the right temperature that you need. 

On the contrary, if the temperature of the vape pen reaches way higher than the required temperature then the essence in the vape juice would be burnt too quickly and this again will result in poor vaping experience. 

The Actual Challenge

One of the most challenging situations with vaping is that you buy a vape pen from a particular brand and you use vape juice from a different brand. Moreover, you are likely to change your vape juice from time to time. No two brands are identical in terms of the chemical composition of the vape juice. Even within the same brand you are likely to find countless difference between flavors. When the chemical composition of the vape juices is going to be different, then the optimal temperature required for getting the best results also varies from one brand to the other and from one flavor to the other. In this context, if you are going to have a vape pen with a single temperature setting then you need to keep hunting for that perfect vape juice brand and flavor that produces the best results. In this process, you are likely to try countless options wasting both time and money. 

Vapes With Multiple Temperature Settings

When you buy a vape with multiple temperature settings, you do not have to worry about all the above concerns. You will be able to try your vape juice at different temperature settings and lock on to the right temperature at which the vape juice you are using produces the best results. Within one or two uses you will be able to find the right temperature setting for the vape juice you use. So when you have a vape with multiple temperature settings you will be able to easily get the best vaping experience regardless of the brand you use (assuming that you have picked the best brands in the industry). 

Temperature Settings Available In Vape Pens

If you are using a table top vaporizer, you will get a thermostat that will let you select the temperature of your choice. In a vape pen this may not be possible but you get as close as possible to the right temperature with the preset temperature settings. As vape pens are of ultra-portable size, it is not always possible to have an open range of temperature settings. Most of the vape pens with multiple temperature settings come with three to four preset settings. You will be able to cycle through these preset settings and settle with the temperature that best matches your e-juice. Normally, there will be three to four settings available in a vape pen. 

The Role Of Brand Credibility 

When we are talking of multiple temperature settings, this feature is of no use if it the temperature settings are going to be some random temperatures. If the preset temperatures are set randomly by the company, then it would a feature that exists just for the namesake and you will derive no real benefit from such a feature. This is where selecting the best brand vape pens becomes very crucial. When you go ahead with the best brand vape pens, you will enjoy the benefit of their ongoing product research. Top brands will continually work on finding the most ideal temperature that produces the best results with most of the top brand e-juices available in the industry. They will provide you with an ideal temperature range that works equally well for all types of e-juices that are available in the market. Those who pick their vape pens without taking the brand reputation and credibility into account, end up in regret. You would have paid for this feature but you will not benefit from the multiple temperature settings feature because the brand you chose did not invest enough in product research. 

To conclude, it is always useful to find a vape with multiple temperature settings. It will give you the freedom to select any vape juice of your choice without having to worry whether or not you will capture the best of flavors from the vape juice. Secondly, you may need to carefully review leading brands to identify the most dependable vape pen companies that are known for the quality of their vape pens. When you are going to pay for a feature, you should make sure that you are benefitting from such a feature. You could achieve this only by selecting the best vape pen brands that come with multiple temperature settings options. As this is going to be just a onetime endeavor you might as well not shy away from some aggressive screening process.