Many people may be wondering, “Why should I use a vaporizer instead of smoking?” There are three main things to consider when answering this question.

1.      Health

Smoking anything is hazardous to the mouth, throat, sinuses and lungs. Whether it is sitting too close to a campfire or smoking a cigar- smoke is harmful to any person smoking and the people in the immediate vicinity. The main difference between smoking and vaporizing relates to one key concept, combustion.   Smoking uses fire (usually a spark and fuel like butane) to ignite something. The resulting combustion creates smoke and releases toxic chemicals known as carcinogens. When it comes to using a vaporizer, combustion never occurs. This is because the heating element (which is typically electric) in a vaporizer does not ignite the material. It instead transforms the material into a vapor with almost no toxic elements. This means that it is possible to vaporize and have all the benefits of smoking while greatly reducing the harmful chemicals released into the lungs and surrounding air. This means fewer carcinogens inhaled into the body and no second-hand smoke. To put it simply, vaporizing is healthier than smoking because it does not involve combustion. It is important to know that the vaporizer industry has been bombarded with thousands of cheap brands often made in China. Unfortunately, in many cases cheap product means cheap materials. Negative health effects such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Heavy Metal Toxicity can result from using inferior raw materials. At VapeDynamics, our mission is to provide premium products using the best and safest components. 

2.      Convenience

Think about all of the steps involved in smoking anything. Buying, rolling, lighting, and getting rid of ashes… it is not a direct process. When it comes to vaporizing, there are far fewer steps and no lighter or ashes. Simply fill your device, press a button and inhale- it’s that easy. There is no strong smell and most vaporizers are portable and discreet. For example, the Cora, Laguna and Hera 2 all fit conveniently in your pocket or handbag.  This means your device can go anywhere you do and is ready to go with just a touch. 

3.      Style

If one thing is true about smoking it is that it has always had a “cool factor”. Vaporizers take this cool factor to a whole new level. The sleek design of VapeDynamics products translates to a form of personal expression. This idea is a lot like how you can tell a lot about a person by what car they drive.  If someone drives a hybrid we may think of things like environmentally conscious, caring and responsible. Someone driving a sports car is likely to be seen as adventurous and living life on the edge. The same is true for vaporizers. Think of our products as accessories like smartphones, wristwatches or jewelry. Using a VapeDynamics product signals style, good taste and a good sense of value. We think that is pretty cool.

If you are still wondering why vaporizing is better than smoking, we suggest investing in one of our premium vaporizers like the Cora or Laguna and trying it for yourself!