If you spend a few minutes online trying to read about vaping and vaping safety, you will come across a wide range of details, articles, and write-ups. The more time you spend reading them the more confused you are likely to be because you will find diametrically opposing views, arguments that support vaping and why vaping is good, arguments against vaping and why you should not vape misconceptions, unverifiable facts and myths. When you are getting started with vaping, it is best to have the air cleared first so that you know what you are getting into before you actually get into. What we are recommending here is that you make your own well-informed adult choices, whereby you own your decision on vaping and not point fingers down the line. 

A Question That Everyone Is Elusive About

One of the questions that everyone asks but seldom gets the responses in the right framework or perspective is: Is vaping safe? Or, is vaping good? 

If you want to respond to this question and do justice to your response, then you need to take into account a number of factors and not throw blanket statements stating that it is safe or unsafe or good or not so good. Let us put things in the right perspective and we can do that by asking the right questions.

To start with, are you of the legal age? If you are not of the legal age, then Vaping is not for you and you had better stay away from vapes and everything that has to do with vaping. There are no two ways about it and it is as simple as that in this case. 

Who should consider vaping?

Secondly, are you a recreational smoker or chain smoker or an addictive smoker? If you smoke tobacco cigarettes extensively, then vaping could be a better alternative to your smoking habit. Why do we say that and are there any supportive facts to whatever we are stating? 

Researches indicate that when you smoke a tobacco cigarette, you inhale nicotine which gives you the high state. However, research also states that with tobacco you do not just inhale or take in nicotine which is responsible for giving you the high state but thousands of other elements that are more harmful than nicotine itself, which are of carcinogenic nature. As long as you are going to continue smoking tobacco then you are going to continue damaging your lungs with all these harmful elements which are totally unnecessary and that do not really contribute to getting your nicotine fix. 

This is where vaporizers or vape pens and vape juices play a significant role. As you would have already noted from our previous posts here, with vaping there is no burning of tobacco or any other substance. Vape juice which is used for vaping is an extract that contains just the nicotine or other components that is responsible for giving you the fix that you are looking for, blended with a very limited number of other elements that act as the substrate or medium for carrying the nicotine. In other words, you are saving your lungs from all the thousands of other elements and components. In the first place, those elements are totally unnecessary and on the other hand, all of them are also unsafe. By getting rid of all of them in the vape juice, this becomes a better alternative. Along these lines, in this context, vaping is a safe habit. You are likely to save your lungs from damage that is likely to be caused by the carcinogens contained in the tobacco. Moreover, vape pens are designed to release only a measured quantity of nicotine that is just enough to give you the fix your body looks for. This restrains you from consuming more nicotine than it is needed.

The next question - is vaping healthy? It would be considered healthy if a smoker asks this question. If a non-smoker who has no intention of getting into smoking asks, then it is not a healthy habit and so is taking alcohol or other recreational substances of all kinds. 

In case, you fancy smoking and if you are in a dilemma whether to go ahead with the regular tobacco cigarettes or to choose to vape then the recommendation would be that you choose to vape for the reasons stated above. 

Why are we sharing things in black and white?

As a socially responsible brand, we like and encourage you to make well-informed choices. Often, the information out there is shrouded misguiding information. By presenting facts as they are you will now be able to make the right decision. On our part, we continually work on bringing to you the best quality vapes that do exactly what it promises to do. You will get the best value for your money when you choose what we have in offer for you.

Double Check Things

As far as vaping is concerned, the vape pen is just a device that facilitates the vaping process. When we are discussing vaping safety, you should be focusing more on what is in the cartridge and from where you are getting your vaping liquid. Always, go with the most reliable vaping liquid companies. When you go with reputed vape liquid brands, you will benefit from their rigorous research and testing. Reputed companies invest a lot of time and money on research and development. When they engage in aggressive research and development, they do not just try to bring the best flavors but they also look into the safety factors because FDA demands that the products that are launched meet a certain set of criteria. By picking, FDA approved brands while selecting the vape juices you are further ensuring your own safety. 

To conclude vaping safety is in your own hands. No one can force you to choose a specific brand. You are free to select the safest brands and to keep to the safety practices with respect to vaping. Happy and safe vaping!