If you have been following all the earlier posts here and following the guidelines on picking the right vape pen, we presume that you have managed to find the best vape pen after careful review and consideration. It is not uncommon for people to complain that they are not able to get the best experience that they expected to have despite investing in the most popular and the best vape pen that their money could ever get. If that is your concern too, then here are a few important tips that will help you improve your overall vaping experience and get the best out of your vape pen. A few things that we discuss here would sound too basic and too obvious but surprisingly, many of us fail to pay attention to these basics and trivia. Therefore, it is worth reminding ourselves of these basics too. 

Know Your Device

Regardless of whether it is your first time using a vaping pen or you have been using vaping pens for several years, whenever you get a new brand or a new model, it is important to spend the first few minutes reading the manual. This has a number of benefits. You will first learn how to operate the device correctly if it is your first time and you do not have to waste your time with a trial-and-error approach. Secondly, you will be able to utilize all the features or devices. Or else you could easily miss out on some of the cool features of the device. It is therefore worth spending a few minutes reading your device manual. All decent brands will provide you with a detailed manual. 

Never Use Your Vape Pen When It is Undercharged

When you buy a new vape pen, you are likely to be very eager in trying out the new vape pen. Of course, before the first use, you may need to charge the device fully. This is where many people make mistakes due to their impatience. Wait until the device is fully charged because only then the entire mechanism will be powered correctly to deliver the best results. If you do not let the device charge fully before the first use, you are very likely to have a dissatisfactory vaping experience and the chances of you concluding that the brand you have selected is not good is very high. Avoid this mistake by all means. This applies to your subsequent uses too. To get the best out of your vape pen battery and in turn, your vape pen tries to go through the full charge to full discharge instead of half charge cycles. 

First Use

It is recommended that after charging the device fully, run the device without any vaping substance in it so that if there is any residual factory dust, it will be cleared off. Also, it will prevent such residual dust will not clog the device mechanism.

Allow Yourself Some Time To Getting Used To Your Device

You may need some time to get used to your device. With use, you will learn how to inhale correctly to get the perfect dose of vaping substance with each puff. This is highly relative and varies from person to person. You need to, therefore, find your holy grail. Keep experimenting with different inhale styles before you rush to form your opinion about the vape pen. No one gets it perfectly right with the first puff. You need to understand this first and that is not enough but you need to accept this fact. Within a day or two, you will learn what to work with your device and what works for you. In general slow and deep inhales work the best as opposed to fast and rushed puffs. 

Always Select Our Vaping Liquid Brands With Great Care

If you have been using vape pens for a while you would know by now that not all vape liquids are made equal. There are more vaping liquid brands out there than you could try. You would need to find the best vaping liquid brand so that it is made of good quality ingredients and that it offers you the best vaping experience. When you are comparing the prices of the vaping liquid, do not blindly compare just the price. Keep the quality factor in mind when narrowing down on your vaping liquids. An excellent vape pen with a poor quality vape juice would deliver poor vaping experience. Only when both the device and the vape juice are of good quality, it is possible to get the ideal results. 

Regular Maintenance Matters

Like any other device, your vape pens also require regular care and maintenance. Do not let any brand believe you otherwise. Of course these days we have vape pens that require low maintenance but you do not find any vape pen that does not require any maintenance at all. Having a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule would go a long way in getting the most optimal experience from your vape pen. Even if you should spend a few minutes once a week it should do, but it is best cleaned regularly. If you are cleaning your device regularly, it should not take more than ten minutes at a stretch. 

While Traveling

It is not an uncommon practice to carry two vape pens while traveling. Many carry one for the journey and a spare one that goes into the luggage. If you are carrying spare vape pens, then it is best not to load the spare vaporizer pens, which go into the luggage. Make sure that the one you would be using while you are on the move is fully loaded so that you do not have to go for a refill until you reach your destination. 

As you would notice, these are things that are very much within your control and things that you could easily follow. Ensure that you keep these factors in mind while using your vape pens and enhance the life and performance of your vape pens.