If you want to have the best vaping experience, it is not enough to find the best vape pen. The overall quality of your vaping experience would very much depend on the quality of the vape liquid that you use. As far as vape liquids are concerned you will never run out of options. You have a plethora of options before you but that does not mean you could pick any random vape liquid brand. Even though all the brands claim that they are the best, the ground reality and people’s experiences do not match the claims of the vape liquid companies. Therefore, it is your responsibility to screen and review multiple vape liquid brands before you settled with your e-juice company. In order to make this task simpler for you, we have shortlisted top five vape liquid companies for you.

Black Note

One of the most frequently heard names in the industry is Black Note. It is not surprising to note this name popping up in all the reviews. One of the most popular flavors from Black Note is Prelude. Black Note is preferred by customers for a number of reasons. This is one of the most reasonably priced E-liquid. This brand boasts of its natural flavors and natural extraction methods. No artificial coloring, flavors or additives added to the Black Note e-liquids. As the tobacco juices are extracted naturally, it does not contain harmful chemicals like Acrolein, Acetoin, acetyl, diacetyl, etc. 

Brand website: www.blacknote.com



The next brand that tops the list is VaporFi. This brand stands out among the competition on a number of counts. This is one of the most reasonably priced e-liquid brands in the market. When you choose to buy custom blends from this brand, you will be able to combine any flavor and come up with your own signature blend. You are allowed to blend a maximum of up to three flavors. This makes vaping so much more interesting. You could do this with all the other brands but you may have to purchase individual flavors and blend it yourself but with VaporFi, you can have the blended e-liquid delivered. As you can easily imagine, this is going to offer you unlimited options to try and explore. You will also be able to select your PG/VG ratio. 

Brand website: www.vaporfi.com

Naked 100

The next in line that we have for you is Naked 100. This is yet another brand that is priced very nominally and you will be able to get a 60ml bottle in the range of $30. This is a fairly new brand launched only in 2016 but within a short time, this brand has gained significant visibility owing to its quality. This brand boasts of introducing yogurt flavors. Naked 100 is manufactured in the US and as such meets US quality standards. Naked 100 is popular for their simple fruity flavors. You will be able to find everything from melon to berry flavors. The brand however does not stop with fruity flavors. You will be able to find other most popular flavors such as tobacco and menthol. These vape juices come in glass bottles delivered in safe packaging. You will certainly not regret trying this brand. You will be able to get the best of both worlds – excellent flavors and best prices. 

The Milkman

This is a Los Angeles based vaping liquid brand which was established in 2015. This is yet another fairly new brand, which has been in the industry for just about four years. Within this short time, this brand has gained significant reputation and has become one of the most popular brands for its unique dessert flavors. Though the brand became popular with their dessert flavors, it certainly has much more to offer the vaping enthusiasts than just the dessert flavors. This brand produces all its vaping juices in an FDA approved facility. When you are narrowing down on your vaping juice companies, you need to pay attention to this factor as this is one way of assuring yourself quality. More importantly, this also ensures production under stringent quality controlled environments. 

Brand website: www.themilkmaneliquid.com


Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog is one of the fast-growing vaping liquid brands in the US. This brand takes extra care in designing every blend and the company spends a lot of time in testing to ensure that every single flavor launched in unique. You will be able to get a 60 ml bottle for $24.99. Cosmic Fog is known for its smooth vaping experience. This company puts its products to the stringent testing process that lasts seven to ten months before a flavor hits the market. The brand launches only products that are good enough for all-day vaping. With such affordable pricing, you might want to try a flavor or two from Cosmic Fog.

Brand Website: www.cosmicfogvapors.com

Air Factory

Air Factory is probably one of the most competitively priced vaping liquids. You will be able to get a 100ml bottle for $24.99. This is a well-recognized brand among the US vaping enthusiasts. You will find a wide range of fruity flavors such as Melon Lush, Strawberry Kiwi, Berry Rush and so on. Worth trying this brand and this brand have all the makings of an all-day vaping brand. Like most of the vaping liquid companies that we have discussed here this company has also been in the industry only for three years, founded in 2016. Air Factory continually tweaks its flavors to reach that perfect blend that satisfies the customers. 


Brand Website: www.airfactoryeliquid.com

To conclude, vapers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the choice of vaping liquid. To survive the competition vaping brands are forced to deliver their best. Many new brands come and go every year. Only brands that manage to meet the needs and demands of the customers manage to survive in this highly competitive environment. If you are not sure where to get started, the above listed brands would give you a good start.