Are you planning to buy a vape pen for yourself or to gift to your loved one? Is this your first time ordering a vape pen? If you do not have any prior experience ordering vaporizers online, then you should slow down for a moment before you went ahead and placed your order. There are of course countless options online but that does not mean you should blindly order any random vape pen. The choice of your vape pen will ultimately decide the quality of your vaping experience. Remember, you will only be going for vape juice refills. So if you make mistakes or if you are careless when you are buying your vape juice, you will be able to correct your mistake the next time. On the other hand, that is not the case with your vape pen. You will be spending a sizeable amount to buy your starter kit and if you make mistakes here, you are likely to remain stuck with the wrong choice of a vape pen. Do not worry, even if this is your first time buying a vape pen, you will be able to make the right choices. Here are some useful guidelines to help you compare your vape pens and pick the best devices.  

Not All Vape Pens Are Made Equal

Do you know there are different types of vaping devices? There are tabletop vaping devices, pocket-size vaping devices, box mods, e-cigarettes, ultra-portable vape devices. For our purposes here we are going to focus on the vape pens. When you are comparing vape pens, it is important that you compare the same category of the device so that you could make meaningful comparisons. In other words, you should learn to compare an apple to an apple or else you would end up wasting your time with your entire comparison process.

Most Crucial Features To Compare

Choice of Vaping Substance

There are different types of vaping substances. You can use dry herbs, vaping oil or THC extract. When you are comparing, you should check whether your vape pen uses dry herbs or vaping oil. This will, of course, depend on your preference. Some people like to vape using dry herbs while others prefer e-juice or vaping oil. This is up to you but remember to pay attention to this factor. You should also know that there are dual-function vapes. When you choose a dual-function vape, it will have the option to use dry herbs and also vape oil using the same device. Dual function vapes could be priced slightly higher, but it is worth considering this type of vapes as you will have the freedom to switch between both types of vaping substances. 

All-day Vaping

Some of us vape all through the day whereas others would vape only once in a day when they are back at home relaxing. When you are comparing the vapes, you should check whether the vapes you are considering meet your specific vaping pattern. What is the difference between an all-day vape and a vape that is not so very suitable for all-day vaping? When you need to vape all day, then the vape pen should be equipped with a higher capacity battery. You would know by now that a vape pen is a battery-operated device and if the vape pen you choose is not going to be fitted with a higher capacity battery, then you would be required to frequently recharge your device. In such situations, you would be forced to buy more than one vape pen and keep all of them charged so that your vaping needs are fully met throughout the day. On the other hand, when you select a vaping pen with a higher battery capacity you need not have to worry about such issues. Most of the vape pens today come with built-in batteries. So you cannot go for just some extra batteries, but you need to have multiple vape pens. Make the right choices if you do not want to spend money on buying multiple vape pens. Often first-timers are not aware of such challenges and only when they start using their vape pens they get to learn about these challenges. 

Ease Of Handling

When you go online trying to compare your vape pens you will come across countless models. Not all models have the same mechanism. Each one works differently in terms of device features and refills options. When you are comparing the vape pens, you should look for models that are easy to handle. Changing the cartridges and going for a refill should be easy, simple and fast. It should not turn out to be a messy nightmare that gets your fingers dirtied every time you need to go for your refill. Reputed brands pay attention to these factors and that is one of the key reasons why you should go for the most trusted and reputed brands so that you can be sure that such concerns are effectively taken care of by your brand.

Design and Looks

This, of course, is one of the most common features that even a first time user is adept in making the right choices. Just a quick word of caution, while it is important that you select a vape pen with appealing design and looks, you should not limit your selection criteria just to this factor. When you limit yourself to this factor and select a vape pen just because it looks cool then you are likely to miss out on all the other key factors that we discussed above. Only after carefully comparing different models and ascertaining that all the above factors are addressed well by the brand, you should focus on the design or the looks and that is why we are discussing this factor as the last factor in vape pen comparisons. In most cases, people put the design and look first before everything else and end up regretting their choices. 

Now that you know what to look for while selecting your vape pens and comparing different models, you will certainly be able to spot the best vape pens that meet your needs.