The Evolution of Smoking to Vaping

Smoking has been a favorite pastime of human beings since we mastered how to use fire. Tobacco, which originated as a sacrament of various Native American tribes of North and South America as early as 4000BC, spread around the world once Europeans contacted the Americas in the 15th century. The advent of the hookah in India soon followed once tobacco reached the Asian continent. This is an early example of advancement in technology making smoking slightly less harmful.

Since at least 2900BC, cannabis has been smoked for both pleasure and medical benefits.  Earliest evidence suggests it was cultivated in ancient Asia and eventually made its way to the rest of the world over time. As a result, every human culture has a history of smoking including the Aztecs, Mayas and ancient Greeks. Often, the smoking of tobacco, cannabis and other mind-altering substances were used in religious or spiritual rituals.   Smoking was possibly first used during incense burning ceremonies that evolved into a pleasurable secular pastime.

The transition from smoking to vaporizing began during the 20th century. First patented in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert, the vaporizer was not widely adopted until Hon Lik, a Chinese researcher, innovated the modern e-cig in 2006.  The controversies and health risks associated with smoking in the 1980s-90s paved the way for vaporizers being adopted by many in the early years of the 21st century. The development of the “cartomizer” by the Sheikh brothers in the UK allowed for a more compact vaping experience. Today, technology has made vaporizers better, resulting in a much cleaner and more convenient experience.  

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