If you are new to vaping and if you are interested in buying a vape pen, then you should know that not all vape pens are made equal and not all vape pens work the same way. There are dry vapes, oil vapes, and dual function vapes. If you are someone who has been into vaping for quite some time and if you are thinking of switching to a dual-function vape but not sure whether it would be the right move, read on. In this post, we are going to focus on the benefits of having a dual-function vape pen. 

What is a Dual-function Vape Pen?

Oil vapes will use vape liquid or concentrate as the vaping substance. Dry vapes use tobacco leaves or cannabis flowers in dry form which is ground further using an herb grinder. A dual-function vape pen will allow you to make use of vaping oil and dry herb vape as opposed to just one or the other.

When To Go For A Dual-function Vape Pen?

If you are someone who is just getting started with vaping and if you are not sure whether you would be regularly using vape oil or dry herbs then it is best to go with a dual-function vape pen. Similarly, someone who likes to keep the options open and likes to enjoy both forms of vaping substances will also find a dual-function vape pen to be of good choice. 

The Actual Benefits Of Having A Dual-function Vape

You save money

The most obvious benefit is that you do not have to buy two vape pens, one for vaping with vape oil and one for vaping with dry herbs. So before anything else, you first get to save a lot of money but enjoy the functionalities of both types of vape pens on the go. 

You save time

You will enjoy the benefit of indulging in both types of vaping anytime without having to hunt for the other type of vape pen. When people own more than one vape pen, they tend to misplace the other vape pens that they are not using and spend a lot of time searching for the misplaced vape pen. So, you are going to save a lot of time too – wasting time on searching for a misplaced vape pen is no fun. 

You save on the hassles

There is no need to worry about checking whether both the vape pens – oil vape and dry herb vape are in a charged condition. You just need to manage a single device and that is so much simpler. 

Travel-friendly option

If you are someone who travels extensively or if you are who is constantly outdoors, then you will find a dual-function vape to be very handy. No need to carry two types of vape pens and two sets of all the associated paraphernalia such as charger kits. You will be able to travel light.

You never run out

Another major advantage with a dual-function vape pen is that you will be able to continue enjoying your vape even if you run out of one type of vaping substance as you could simply continue with the other type. If you have been into vaping, you would immediately be able to appreciate what a great benefit this is. 

You get to show-off

If you are a show-off, you would certainly love flaunting around your dual-function vape as it is the latest vape technology available in the industry as of now. 


Do Not Get Confused With The Terminologies

When you are shopping for your vape pens and in particular a dual-function vape pen, you should not get confused with the terminologies. Do not blindly go by the word “Dual” because it could mean different things. 

Dual-function vape 

This refers to two functions, whatever we have been discussing all along in this post-oil vape + dry herb vape.

Dual coil vape 

This refers to something totally different. Some vape pens come with a single heating coil whilst others come with two coils. When you have two coils, the heating capacity of the vape pen is doubled. Dual coil vapes produce more vapor and more flavor. There are downsides to dual coil vapes. They will burn more concentrate in the given time and it will also deplete your battery faster than a single-coil vape.

Dual tank vape

This refers to vape pens that come with a two-cartridge design. You will be able to carry two flavors at once as opposed to the single-cartridge system. Remember, here you will not be able to use dry herbs but you will only be able to use only the e-juice concentrates. 

Many vaping enthusiasts knowing the benefits of a dual-function vaping pen would like to switch. However, as they have limited exposure to the vaping industry, terminologies end up buying the wrong type of vape pens. Now that you are initiated into the terminologies pertaining to dual vape pens, you are unlikely to make such mistakes. To be on the safer side, just double-check the product you are ordering and only after confirming that you are actually ordering a dual-function vape pen.  

Make The Right Choices

Always invest enough time in screening your dual-function vape pens. Only when you choose a well-designed vape pen, you will be able to enjoy optimal vaping benefits. Many people who are just getting initiated into vaping rush to pick some random vaping starter kits in their initial enthusiasm and end up having a wrong impression about vaping as they fail to get the expected results. 

On the other hand, those who take the time to educate themselves about the various options available in the industry and take the time to review the top brands in the industry manage to find the best vaporizer pens and thereby have a fabulous vaping experience. We recommend that you take the time to do your homework before picking your vaporizer pens so that you get the best value for your money.