You are very likely to be overwhelmed with the choices that are before you if you are in the process of buying your first vape pen. On the one hand, you are likely to be excited about getting your first starter kit and on the other hand, you are likely to be confused too because you are not sure where to get started. We have put together a step by step guide to buying your first vape pen so that you do not have to keep wondering whether or not you are making the right choices. Here is your blueprint for buying the best vape pen. 

Initial Quick Survey

If you are a total newbie who does not have any knowledge about vapes, then you might first want to consider making an initial quick survey. At this point, you are not really ready to make your decision on which vape to order. You will just try to understand what is available in the industry and what are your options. At this stage, you will also come across a number of vaping related terminologies. Allow yourself to get initiated slowly into vaping and the related terminologies. This is important because that is the only way you will be able to make the right choices down the line. 

List Your Preferences

Once you have a cursory understanding of what is available in the industry, you will now be in a better position to list your preferences in a more meaningful way. You would have taken note that there are different types of vapes for example vapes that use only oil or e-juice, vapes that use only dry herbs and that there are dual-use vapes. You also would have noticed that the vapes come with different battery capacities. All these preferences should be first listed right at the start so that you are not required to go for a replacement within a few weeks just because you have not picked a vape pen with all the features you need. Here is the list of things you need to focus on when listing your preferences. 

-       Type of vape pen – oil, dry herb or dual function

-       Battery capacity – would it be suitable for all-day vaping if that is your preference

-       Multiple temperature settings – how many temperature settings are required?

-       Refill method and so on. 

This is just an initial list of preferences and this need not be a rigid list. The idea, however, is to ensure that the vape pen that you select matches as closely as possible to your list of preferences. At times you will find exactly what you are looking for and at times you may have to compromise on a factor or two depending on what kind of preferences you have set for yourself after your initial survey. 

Set Your Budget

Vape pens come at diverse price points. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your options fast. Once you set a budget you do not have to unnecessarily look at vapes that are way beyond your budget. Do not set a random figure as your budget – you need to set a realistic budget taking into account the list of preferences you have. What is the point in having a vape pen that comes well within your budget but does not come with all the features you need? When you are picking your vape pens, you need to make sure that you are able to accommodate all the most important features that you like to have in your vape pen. 

Look and Feel

Once you have addressed all the above areas, now you can look at the vape pen design. Most people reverse this order. They first look at cool looking vapes but at times, those vapes would only look cool but do not have cool features. If you are planning to buy more than one vape, then you could just go ahead and pick one of your vapes just based on the looks. On the other hand, if you are going to invest in just a single vape pen, then you might not want to reverse this order. 

However, one’s selection criteria will also vary depending on what one likes to accomplish. In case, you are using a vape pen just to create an impression and if the quality of vaping is secondary to you, then you could go ahead with just the look. 

Having said these, you should also note here that top brands try to ensure that they score well in all areas. They put in a lot of effort to deliver the best vaping while at the same time trying to have an edge over their designs. By finding such vape pens here you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

What is in the Box?

One last factor to check before you go ahead and place your order is to check what is in the box. It is important not to presume things here. The set of accessories supplied varies from one brand to the other. You should always go with brands and models that come with all the required accessories so that you are not required to hunt for compatible accessories before you could get started with your vaping. 

To conclude, buying a new vape pen need not be a grueling process.  We recommend that you do not rush through the selection process but take your time to review the top models here, paying attention to all the above factors. Proceed once you are fully convinced that you have spotted the best match for your needs. Do not select a brand or model just because your friend or colleague has one; their preferences are likely to be very different from yours. Always go by your own needs and preferences so that each time you pull out your vape pen to use you are reaffirmed that you have picked the right vape pen.