Guide For Selecting The Best Vape Mouthpieces

If you have been vaping for quite some time, you are likely to know the importance of selecting the right vape mouthpiece or drip tip. Your overall vaping experience could be enhanced or ruined to a certain extent if you do not have the right vape mouthpiece. You should, therefore, make sure to select the right drip tip for your vaping device. When you start looking for a replacement mouthpiece for your vape, you are likely to come across a wide range of options. You need to invest enough time to spot the best options so that you get the maximum gratification from vaping. Here are a few quick pointers for you to consider. 

Make an Initial Online Research

The vaping industry offers you countless options. You should first know what is available in the market so that you could make well-informed choices. It is rather easier to narrow down your options when you know clearly what exactly you are looking for and if not, you are likely to go on a long haul switching from one to the other endlessly. If you are looking for a replacement drip tip for your existing vaporizer, then compatibility will become your top priority. 

Types of Mouthpieces

As there are different types of vapes for vape juice, herb, and wax, there are also different types of mouthpieces to suit the respective vaporizer. You will also come across options based on the material out of which they are made. Thirdly, you will find variations based on the shape. 

Metal Mouthpieces

  • If you are looking for metal mouthpieces, you will come across a number of options including but not limited to surgical grade steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, etc. When you choose metal, the overall weight of the vape will increase, but it will give a nice feel to hold your vaporizer as opposed to lightweight vaporizers. 
  • In case, you are particular about selecting a metal tip for your vape, but you do not want it to be heavy, you could go with metals like aluminum and titanium. These metals are lightweight and they will not make your pockets sag when carried in your shirt pockets. 
  • If you are selecting metal, make sure that they are heat resistant so that you do not end up with burnt lips even if you use your vape for long hours. When compared to the other materials, metal ones more durable and they last a lifetime. Even if you drop the vaporizer, your drip tip will not get damaged. 

Non-metal Mouthpieces

  • While discussing non-metal options, we should make a mention of wooden choices. You will come across handcrafted, unique wooden mouthpieces. If you like antique finishes, then wooden mouthpieces are the best to consider. Among the wooden types as well, there are different varieties. Some of them are fully made of wood and some are made of a combination of materials. The inner pipe will be a metal piece whilst the exteriors will be made of wood. While ordering your wooden drip tips, you might want to pay close attention to such details so that you do not get disappointed with what you get when you place an order online. 
  • As far as plastic drip tips are concerned, you do have endless options. You will be able to get them in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Allow yourself enough time to review as many options as possible online, before rushing to place your order. One of the dangers of going with plastic is that some of them could look really cheap if you do not select the best brands. 
  • If you should be looking for more exotic materials, you could consider marble, ceramic, resin, or epoxy. They also come in a number of cool-looking colors and shapes. These again are likely to be heavier when compared to plastic. It would, therefore, be better to first decide whether you are looking for a lightweight mouthpiece for your vape or a heavier option. 
  • There are also glass vape mouthpieces. They do look cool, but you are always at the risk of breaking them. They are made of hardened glass but despite that, they are prone to breakage. 

Shapes to Consider

  • You will come across a wide range of options and individual preferences vary when it comes to the shape. Some of the shapes that you will come across include a flat, round or curved tip, slash-cut and flanged. 
  • With regard to the shapes, you should understand that not all shapes would be available in all materials. You should therefore first decide on the shape of the drip tip or the material out of which they are made. If you prefer to go for a metalhead, then first select the metal of your choice and check the options available. Instead, if you do not mind the material but if you are particular about the shape, then your entire screening approach will be different. 

Mouthpiece Caps

  • While buying your mouthpieces, you should also make certain to find a compatible mouthpiece cap. Many a time this factor is forgotten, and later finding a compatible cap becomes rather challenging. Having the right cap will protect your device from getting contaminated, even if you leave your vape lying around for days. In addition, they protect the drip tip from getting damaged or chipped. 

Mouthpiece Length

  • You can choose from different lengths – short, tall and long. Most people prefer to go with short ones, as they do not unnecessarily add on to the overall weight. It is also easy to fit vapes with short mouthpieces in one’s pocket. 

To conclude, you will be able to find a vape mouthpiece that best fits your needs and preferences online by taking into account the above factors. Take as much time as you need before you place the order so that you do not regret your choices down the line. You should also place your orders from the most trusted sources.