Vaporizing, as it applies to a wide range of cannabis forms, is the fire-free process of heating cannabis to a temperature just below its combustion point and ensuring all important cannabinoids contained in cannabis are better reserved. Terpenes and flavonoids are minute cannabis molecules that give its tasty flavor, when flame is applied, or the vaping temperature is too high, those vital compounds will quickly boil away. 

Proper temperature has noticeable health benefits. In fact, nearly all of the health concerns associated with cannabis combustion and which can be avoided if the cannabis is used into vaporizers. In recent years, a wide variety of vaporizers flooded into the cannabis market to help facilitate the heating process without combustion including oil pens, portable herb vaporizers , enails and stationary vaporizers. Some selections offer the temperature control settings to help users easily select the best heating temperature with ultimate flavors. 

High Temperature VS. Low Temperature on vaporizers 

best temperature for oil concentrate and dab

Many bloggers have commented on their favorite temperature for different forms of cannabis. Despite you are vaping herb, concentrates or dabs, the best temperature really depends on personal preferences. Here we will elaborate what make different temperature settings unique: 

Cloud Production: 

With higher temperatures, the vapor cloud you exhale will be thick and easy-to-see. Many vapers enjoyed blowing out big clouds because of the satisfying feelings. On the other side, your vapor cloud can be significantly thinner and harder-to-see with lower temperature. Some people do like it especially when they are in the public places where they want to vape more discreetly.  

Flavor Profile: 

Flavor profile is one important factor for vapor to go with lower temperature. With lower temperature, the cannabis will be less likely to be burned, and deliver more long-lasting, consistent, and flavorful clouds. 

With higher temperatures, the flavor will taste stronger initially, however, the cannabis may burn faster and create the burned or foul tastes. 

Material Efficiency: 

The materials such as heating coils will be worn quicker when using higher temperatures. You will likely find yourself having to dispose and re-purchase the coils very often. When using lower temperature, you will expand the life-span of the materials and eventually save money on less-frequent purchases. 

Battery Life: 

All vaporizers have certain battery lifes, and higher temperatures take a lot more power to drain your battery life. This means you will need to recharge the battery more often and cause more inconvenience if you want to carry it on-the-go. 

Cannabis Boiling Point

cannabis boiling point best temperature

Here are the average boiling points for the THC, CBD and most common terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis. You will typically want to vape 10-20℉ higher than the average boiling point of the desired terpenes and cannabinoids so to receive their unique functionalities. 

THC-A: 221


CBD-A: 248



THC: 314

CBD: 520-360

B-MYRCENE: 330-334

A8 THC: 350℉



P-CYMENE: 350℉



CBN: 365℉



BENZENE: 401-689℉


CBC: 428℉

THCV: 428℉




Best Temperature Range For Herbs 


  • Lightly Toasted - 325-350℉ (163-177℃) 
  • Half Baked - 350-400℉ (177-204℃) 
  • Fully Baked - 400-450℉ (204-232℃)

Best Temperature Range For Dabs


  • Too Low (No Melt): 0-300℉
  • Clear Headed, Functional Effects: 315-450℉ (157-232℃)
  • Light Buzz: 450-550℉ (232-287℃)
  • Balanced, Moderate Buzz: 550-700℉ (287-371℃)
  • Heavy Relaxation, Intense Euphoria: 700-850℉ (371-454℃)
  • Burning The Dab: 850+℉ (454+℃)

As many cannabis connoisseurs started using enails for dabbing, it is important to know that there is a consistent disparity between the temperature setting on the unit and the actually dabbing surface temperature across models. It means, although the device may show the temperature reached to 680℉, the actual dabbing surface may not even reach to 600℉. 

Best Temperature Range For Concentrates


In general, oil vaporizers have their pre-set temperature all the way from 520℉ to 800℉. In general, oil atomizers tend to be on the smaller side and tend to have a smaller coil that is wrapped around an absorbent cotton. The small coil can handle a great amount of wattage and ensure it heats up the coil quickly and safely. Most pre-filled oil vaporizers have pre-set a moderate temperature to ensure the coil won’t burn out before the oil is gone. 

If you are using the oil vaporizers with temperature control, you may want to start your oil vape at the lowest setting first. As you begin going up in wattage, you can get a feel for the amount of vapor each setting gives you. If you vapor starts getting burned, you may be pushing the coil to its limits and will want to lower it down. 

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