If you are new to vaping and vape pens or vaporizer pens, then like everyone else you are also like to have loads of questions regarding vaping and regarding the use of vape pens. One of the most common questions that people have along these lines is can one use leaf tobacco in vape pens. This question is more often asked by those who have been into smoking tobacco cigarettes and thinking of switching to vaping than from someone who is new to all forms of smoking or vaping. In order to fully understand and fully answer this question, you may need to have some basic knowledge about how the vaporizer pens work and about the different types of vape pens. 

How does a vape pen work? 

A vape pen or a vaporizer pen is a battery-operated device that is designed to emit or disperse calculated amounts of nicotine or other substances each time you take a puff. The vape pens use different types of mechanisms to vaporize the nicotine or other recreational substances. Heat is the most common mechanism that is used to vaporize the vaping substance. Each time the user takes a puff, the sensors in the vape pen are triggered and the heating system is switched on. Through the atomization process, tiny particles of the vaping substances are dispersed into your breathing system. 

Types of Vape pens

There are different types of vape pens based on the nature of the vaping substance that could be used in the vaping pen. 

  • Oil vape 
  • Dry herb vape 
  • Dual vape 


Oil vapes use liquid vaping substances called e-juice or vape juice or vaping oil. There are countless e-juice flavors in the market for you to try and explore.

Dry herb vape uses solid vaping substances such as leaf tobacco, cannabis flowers or other dry vaping substance of your choice. You have got the answer for your question: Can you use leaf tobacco in vape pens? The answer is “Yes”.  You can use leaf tobacco is vape pens as long as it is a dry vape. Dry vapes come with a loading compartment where you will be able to load the dry tobacco leaves or cannabis flowers in power form. If you cannot get over the flavor of leaf tobacco even after you have switched to vaping then you can still enjoy your leaf tobacco by selecting a dry vape. If you have already not purchased your vape pen then you better look for dry vape if you want to use dry herbs such as cannabis or tobacco. 

The third type of vape pen, namely the dual vape will allow you to enjoy vaping with vape oil as well as dry herbs. This would, of course, be the best option if you like to keep your options open. 

When you use dry herbs, the flavors are limited to the herb that you choose. On the other hand, when you use oil vape the ejuice flavor options are unlimited as many new flavors are constantly being launched. 

By opting for a dual vape you will be able to explore the diverse ejuice flavors and also at the same time you will be able to enjoy your real leaf tobacco as and when you like. 

Do not forget to get a dry herb grinder

Now that you know that it is possible to use leaf tobacco in a vape pen, you should take time to learn about the accessories that you would need for using leaf tobacco in your vape pen.

First, make sure that you are ordering a dry vape or a dual vape depending on your preferences. Along with it, you should also buy a dry herb grinder. A dry herb grinder is a handheld, portable grinder that is used to grind the leaf tobacco or cannabis flowers. A dry herb grinder is a manual grinder that works very much like a pepper grinder but designed specifically for dry herbs. 

When you order your leaf tobacco or your cannabis flowers, they will not be in ready to use form. You need to further process it by breaking the tobacco leaves into smaller particles ranging from coarse to fine powder. This will help in getting the best flavors out of your vape pen. The vape pens are designed to emit heat but only a limited intensity of heat would be generated. If the tobacco leaves that you use are too coarse or if you use bigger pieces, then the vape pen will not be able to get the best flavors out of the vaping material you are using. When you use finely ground dry vaping herbs, the flavors will be readily released giving you the optimal vaping experience. 

Get the best quality dry herbs

The quality of your vaping experience when you use dry herbs like leaf tobacco is not limited just to the quality of the vaporizer pen that you use or the dry herb grinder that you use. The overall quality of your dry herb smoking experience will also depend greatly on the quality of the dry herbs that you use. Regardless of whether you are using cannabis flowers or tobacco leaves, make it a point to order them from the most trusted sources that are known to deliver the finest quality products. 

Initially, you might want to place smaller orders and once you have established that the brand you are selecting offers the best quality dry herbs, you can confidently place larger orders. 

Just to conclude, you might want to remember the following factors when trying to use leaf tobacco in vape pens.

  • Go with a dual vape as you will have the option to try both vape oils and dry herb.
  • Buy a good quality dry herb grinder along with your dual vape.
  • Order your choice of dry herbs from the most trusted sources.

Today, the internet makes all the above vaping devices, accessories and supplies easily accessible. All of them are just a few clicks away, go ahead and explore your options now.