Why Building Better Vaping Devices Would Be The Best Way Forward?

This topic is likely to set in motion another question – why what is wrong with the current vaping devices. Let us first clear the air, there is nothing wrong with the current vaping devices. The industry vaping industry has come a long way in terms of vaping device technology and it is still in the process of evolution as any other niche in its infancy. We are currently having the best vaping devices that we could possibly make, but that does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Moreover, we are bringing this discussion to the table in light of the various allegations about the risks involved with the vaping devices and the associated ban recommendations. 

The Solution Is In Building Better Vaping Devices 

The latest report on lung damages that could possibly be associated with vaping has triggered many debates and arguments in the vaping industry. One section of the law-makers is recommending that vaping should be banned and another section of the law-makers is advocating that the vaping technology should be revisited and better vaping devices should be built. 

First, we should understand that all the reports are being investigated. There aren’t conclusive reports that indicate that vaping is the sole cause of the issue. There could be many other components resulting in the lung damage of the users. Banning vaping will not solve the issue completely. It will only transform the problem from one form to the other. If vaping is banned, all those who are vaping currently will switch to tobacco cigarettes, which is more harmful than vaping. We have ample proof to show that tobacco cigarettes are more harmful than vaping. We are not claiming that vaping is totally harmless, but it is relatively safer when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Along these lines, the solution to the issues that are being leveled against vaping is in coming up with better vaping technology. 

When we try to review the issues much closer, the actual issue is not with the vaping devices. This does not mean that vaping devices require no improvement, which has to be worked simultaneously. The issues indicated are to do with the THC content in the e-juice or vaping liquid which is the active ingredient of cannabis. Along with the improvement in the vaping devices what should be aimed at is the better formulation of the vaping liquid. 

Vaping Device Does Not Cause Lung Injury

Vaping devices do not cause lung injury, what is used for vaping is what causes lung injury. In the future, if the vaping liquid or the e-juice market is subjected to stricter regulations it is possible to prevent even the alleged risks. Currently, we have hundreds of e-liquids and flavors in the industry. This makes the whole process of selecting the right e-liquid highly challenging for the customers. Not all the customers are well-informed and not everyone does their homework well when it comes to selecting the right vaping liquid. Especially those who are getting started with vaping need to be educated that not all vaping liquids found online are made equal. By increasing the customer awareness level regarding the importance of selecting the right vaping liquid and the best vaping devices it is possible to keep the risks low.

If we have to take the ‘ban’ road to resolve the situation then the lawmakers should first have the tobacco cigarettes banned and that is what would make more sense because currently the number of people who smoke cigarettes and those who are suffering health issues that are associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes are much higher when compared to vaping. 

Our goal here is not to get tobacco cigarettes banned but to get the right perspective of the issues. It is rather easy to get carried away with the arguments that we come across online or offline without investigating the issues and facts fully. Decisions made without adequate investigation will result in a number of issues or it will land us in a faulty decision. 

Always Go With The Best Brands

As a customer, you need to make yourself familiar with all the issues that are plaguing the vaping industry. You are free to make your own choices and no one could force you to buy any specific brand or model. If you are not going to care enough for your own health and wellbeing, then how do you expect the commercially motivated brands to be concerned. 

The vaping industry is flooded with both good and not so good players. You can blame the industry only when you cannot find even a single good player, but that is not the case, there are so many reliable models available for you to consider. You would come across the safest brands and best-suited models for your needs if you do not shy away from those few extra minutes of screening and review. It is worth the effort and you will certainly not regret such an effort. 

Take a minute to read the reviews from the customers and also to check the brand credibility. Go ahead with brands that have been in the industry for at least a few years. While it is important to find your vaping devices at reasonable prices, you certainly do not want to limit your screening process only to the cost factor. Cost should be one of the components in the selection process and it should not be the only process to select your vaping device. You should get to price comparison only after you have checked all the other factors such as the experience of the vaping company in the industry, their reputation, and the customer ratings. 

To conclude, the vaping industry is to see many new and advanced models of vaping devices that are designed to offer premium vaping experience with reduced risks. You need to make sure that you make responsible decisions while selecting your vaping device.