Best Vapor Pens Of 2020

2020 is shaping up to be a serious year for all things vape-related. With the increased scrutiny of “pod pens” like the recently-banned Juul cartridges, people are starting to look for new ways to experience their favorite smoke and flavor without health issues. 

Vapor pens that use standard vape flavoring are now making a comeback, and that’s pretty awesome. Looking for a new pen? Our testers at VapeDynamics took the time to find the best vapor pens of the year to help those who want to get the most out of their shopping spree.

Though we love to toot our own horn, we made an effort to be impartial and give credit where credit is due. According to our research, these pens below are some of the best picks on the market for vape pens that use e-liquid.

VAIO GO Vape Kit by VaperFi

There’s something incredibly charming about having one of these colorful vape pens, and we can’t ignore that. VaperFi made some serious improvements to a typical vapor pen by giving users an ultra-lightweight, high-grade vape pen that uses 2000 mAh of energy without added bulk.

In terms of use, it’s hard to get any easier. Its intuitive design makes it a great pick for virtually all new vapers.

Stik V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit by SMOK

SMOK is a company that helped kick off the vaping industry’s popularity and remains one of the most popular mainstream vapor pen makers today. Their SMOK Stik Big Baby Beast kit is one of the more popular, especially among people who have bigger hands. 

The Big Baby Beast has a larger tank than most, carries 3000mAh of battery power, and still somehow remains compact enough to handle portability issues. Overall, it’s a sturdy vape pen ideal for long hours of use.

NOX V2 Vape Kit by VapeDynamics

If you’re looking for a new style of vape pen equipped with Space Age technology, our NOX V2 is your best bet. This vape pen veers away from classic “cigar” builds and goes into a newer, lighter build that comes with its own portable charging station. 

This patented design involves a no-button auto-inhale, the ability to use a wide array of different vaping liquids, and an airbrushed look that everyone would envy. Since it can be used with e-liquid, light liquid, oil, as well as salts, it’s one of the most versatile options on the market today.

The E-Liquid Vape Pen by Morpheus

Morpheus became an up-and-comer among vape enthusiasts, mostly because of the pens’ excellent durability. If you’re the type to drop your pen frequently, grab it for spur-of-the-moment smoke sessions, or who loves to hit the vape hard for hours on end, their classic E-Liquid Vape Pen is a smart option.

What makes this pen so good is its 20-hour battery life, 1-second heating time, and its heavily-reinforced design. When you take its moderately light build into account, it’s hard to disparage this pen. 

Tigon by Aspire

Most vape pens on the market involve a mouth-to-lung inhale, and that’s great for flavor enthusiasts. However, some of us like a deeper hit. Some of us want to feel the vapor hit directly in their lungs. This is called aspiration vaping, and it’s increasingly popular among former cigarette smokers. 

Finding an aspiration vape pen isn’t easy, and among people who enjoy that direct lung hit, the Aspire Tigon has the best reputation. This is a pen that will kick you in the teeth in the best way possible. 

Cora 2 by VapeDynamics

If you’re like a lot of avid vapers, then the new Juul pod ban was a serious source of heartbreak for you. Though vape sticks are available, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying that first pull of a fresh pod. 

Cora 2 brings it back by making a vape pen system that has refillable, Juul-like pods. The system’s intuitive design, excellent pull, and ultra-discreet appearance make it one of the most popular pens we’ve ever made!