Vaping is one of those niches that is shrouded with loads of myths and misconceptions. As you could easily guess, whenever there are misconceptions and wrong notions, few results are obvious - people either tend to develop wrong expectations about vaping and as a result, they are disappointed or stay away from vaping thinking that it is not for them and as a result, they may fail to enjoy all the benefits that they could have otherwise possibly enjoyed. If you want to save yourself from both extremes, it is important to get the facts straight and cross-check whether you are buying into any of the most frequently heard vaping myths. Here are few such myths from which you should stay guarded.

Vaping is an aid to quit smoking 

Initially, many top brands promoted their vaporizers or e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking. However, this is not true vaping per se does not help you quit smoking. FDA does not approve or classify vaping as an aid to quit smoking. You should therefore not have wrong expectations when you are using vape pens or you should not wrongly recommend vape pens as an aid to quit smoking. 

Does that mean that vaping plays no role to play when it comes to quitting from the smoking habit? We cannot completely rule out the positive impact vaping is likely to have when someone switches from tobacco cigarettes who is also under the process of quitting. We have more detailed posts on this topic and you may want to check out this post – Vaping Will Help You Quit Smoking - How True Is This”  for more info on how vaping could help someone who is in the process of quitting smoking. 

Vaping Can Initiate Young Smokers To Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

This is yet another unfounded claim. Vaping does not initiate young smokers from smoking tobacco cigarettes in any way. On the contrary, vaping does a lot of good to those people who switch from tobacco cigarettes. In fact, when someone gets used to vaping they are very unlikely to enjoy tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is more sophisticated in terms and subtle in terms of its flavors. Tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, is rather crude and it does not appeal so easily to someone who is first used to vaping. Moreover, vaping offers countless options in terms of flavors and that is not the case with tobacco cigarettes. There are hardly a few same old flavors. You can, therefore, ignore this claim and decide whether or not you would like to vape based on other factors and not this factor. 

Vaping Is More Expensive Than Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

This myth is often based on the initial cost involved in buying one’s starter kit. If you are going to take into account just the initial cost involved in buying the starter kit, then you are going to buy into this misconception. On the other hand, if only you stop for a moment to work out the numbers for yourself, you will learn that in the long run, you tend to save a great deal of money. The starter kit is just a onetime expense, but for that, you will just be required to buy your refills or cartridges. If you do paper and pen work based on your own specific smoking pattern or vaping pattern, you will be able to arrive at more concrete figures which will indicate clearly how wrong the above claim is on the cost of vaping. 

Vaping and Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes Are The Same 

Many even before making their own basic research blurt out statements that are far from the truth and this is one such statement. There couldn’t be anything that is farther from the truth than to claim that vaping and smoking tobacco cigarettes are one and the same. When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you inhale thousands of other harmful chemicals on the other hand when you vape, you just inhale a calculated quantity of nicotine that is just enough to give you the required fix. FDA itself acknowledges that vaping is less harmful when compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. FDA also recommends those who have switched to vaping not to switch back to tobacco cigarettes. We do not need more proofs that vaping and smoking tobacco cigarettes are not the same. We have ample scientific backing to support that vaping is a lot different from smoking tobacco cigarettes on various counts. 

Vaping Is Only For Those Who Are Already Smoking

You do not have to be a smoker to try vaping. In fact, thousands of people who are using vape pens are people with their first time encounter with all forms of nicotine consumption. Many people just pick up vaping just because it looks cool to vape. Secondly, they prefer vaping because it offers countless options when it comes to flavors. You will have ample choices with vaping which is not available with the regular tobacco cigarettes. Regardless of whether you have been into smoking or not, you could try your first vape pen today. 

Those Who Smoke Tobacco Cigarettes Can Never Get Used To Vaping 

You just need to look around to know that this is the most absurd statement. A good majority of people who are now vaping have been extensive smokers. Of course, initially, there will a slight switch over the glitch. However, this is only for a very short window until one gets used to vaping and vaping techniques. Once the person gets used to the vaping techniques and learns the best vaping techniques, they will find it hard to switch back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

To conclude, if you have been having any wrong expectations based on any of these misconceptions or myths, you should now take a moment to clear the air. Similarly, if you have been staying away from vaping based on any of the above misconceptions, you should invest some time to get all the facts straight so that you can make a well-informed choice regarding vaping.