7 Simple Ways To Boost Your Cannabis High 

If you have smoked cannabis for a long time, then you probably are having difficulty reaching the high you were looking for. Your tolerance to cannabis will increase with the number of times you smoke it, and the high will be more mellow and diminished .Isn’t it frustrating? But don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are 7 simple ways to boost the intensity of your high like a first day!

Mango Can Help

Mango is delicious itself, more amazingly, it is a good source of immune-boosting nutrients and also a very useful fruit for cannabis connoisseurs to reach their new high. According to a study analyzing the terpene profile of 16 different cannabis strains, myrcene was the most dominant terpene in each. Surprisingly, mango also contains a huge amount of myrcene terpenes. When mango meets cannabis, the THC in the cannabis interacts with myrcene and its terpenes will boost your high and prolong the duration. This effect varies from person to person but doesn’t hurt to try! 


Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acid will also help your body process cannabis easily, such as spinach, salmon, and broccoli. As you may already know, the cannabis’s active ingredients are not water-soluble, but are fat soluble. That’s why the fatty acid can help your body to process the plant cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) more easily, in addition to helping your body make more endocannabinoids of its own. Quick hint, try to eat Omega-3 foods 30 minutes before taking cannabis, you will have the best experience with it! 

Dark Chocolates 

Dark chocolate will have a similar effect on your body when it’s containing 70% or more cocoa. It means - the darker, the better. The reason is that cocoa beans found in chocolate can reduce the time required for the brain to break down the anandamide (a fatty acid neurotransmitter that binds to THC receptors in the brain). Cocoa is often referred to as a natural “feel-good” molecule, and it will help extend your cannabis high when you consume them together. 

Aerobic exercise

Many people like to take cannabis while exercising. In 2013, the University of Sydney conducted a study that revealed why cannabis can be such a powerful exercise aid. The study found that after 35 minutes of exercise on stationary bicycles, participants' blood THC levels "increased substantially." In fact, the THC levels in the participants' blood spiked by a full 15%. Try running, cycling, or going to fitness immediately after using cannabis can be a great choice for you to reach the expected or even over-expected high. 


Black tea and green tea are excellent resources to get rid of fatigue. They are also rich in antioxidant catechin, which binds with your brain’s CB1 receptors. This is why you will feel more relaxed after drinking a cup of black or green tea. Similarly, a simple cup of tea can also work well with hemp to enhance your stress relief. 

Try Something Stronger (Oils, Concentrates or Extracts) 

Obviously, if ordinary cannabis doesn't do much for you, then it's time to try something stronger. Cannabis oils are extracted from plants and which can even be filtered down to isolate the cannabinoids - a pure THC crystal. With cannabis oil, you can consume less plant matter and purer tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that a small amount of cannabis oil will be much more potent than the same amount of cannabis flowers. They are also very delicious and you have the opportunity to taste the unique terpenes of cannabis. You don’t have to smoke them, vaporizers are currently the most popular method for consumers. It creates a very smooth, clean inhale when vaporized. 

Take A Break

Taking a tolerance break from cannabis is probably the last choice you want to go with. You have to “rest” for a month or two to let the cannabinoids completely leave your body system. Luckily, there are many ways to boost your cannabis high without taking a tolerance break.